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The Competent Crew Sail program consists of the essential knowledge and skills you can acquire on sailing. During the course the theoretical skills of the sailing essentials, the sail aerodynamics, basic helmsman skills, safety on the sea, etc. are acquired. In the practical part of the course a special attention is paid to the elementary sailing skills, where the attendants in the groups of maximal 3 course attendants with one instructor have enough time for gaining skills for independent sailing. Competent Crew Sail Course is based in ACI marina Split.

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Price from 750EUR
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25% VAT, instructor, waterproof suits rental, sailing school book, fuel, loan of sailing suites and gloves.

food & baverages, accommodation
  • The Competent Crew course is held on Beneteau boats (First 27 or First 18)
  • max. 3 participants
  • Individual courses will be charged triple
  • accommodation should be organised on shore by participant
  • Possible changes due to weather conditions
  • Pre-course experience: None
  • Licence and Ability after the course (licence approved by the Ministry of Croatia MMPI):
    Holder of the Certificate is competent to sail a vessel for private purposes or chartered vessels up  to 7m lenght, with engine power up to 15 kW, 3 NM offshore, during daylight in light to moderate conditions with condition to hold a valid VHF licence if the vessel has a VHF or GMDSS-VHF station onboard


Day 1 - Sunday

  • 10:00 Meeting with your instructor, general info about the course
  • 11:00 Getting to know the boat, safety briefing, standing and running rigging, ropework
  • 12:00 Setting sails and basic sailing excercizes, seamanship sail, beam reach course
  • 17:00 Berthing, tieding up the boat
  • 18:00 Short revision


Day 2 - Monday

  • 10:00 Theory of closehauled sailing, coming about
  • 11:30 Setting sails and sailing closehauled, multiple coming about practice, safe sailing practices, whinch usage
  • 17:00 Berthing, tieding up the boat
  • 18:00 Short revision
Day 3 - Tuesday

  • 10:00 Theory of broad reach course, gybing
  • 11:30 Setting sails and sailing broad reach, multiple gybing practice, safe sailing practices
  • 17:00 Berthing, tieding up the boat
  • 18:00 Short revision
Day 4 - Wednesday

  • 10:00 Theory aerodynamics of sails, telltales, trim of sails, Theory examination
  • 12:00 Setting sails, sailing between the marks and 360 degrees turns with a sailing boat
  • 17:00 Berthing tieding up the boat
  • 18:00 Short revision

Day 5 - Thursday

  • 10:00 Theory Man Over Board, Heave up to position of the boat
  • 11:30 Setting sails and MOB drills, MOB examination after the practice
  • 17:00 Berthing, tieding up the boat
  • 18:00 Short revision

Day 6 - Friday

  • 10:00 Theory of berthing the boat on Adriatic mooring, propeller walk
  • 11:00 Berthing drills using the pier or the mark if necessary
  • 17:00 Berthing examination
  • 19:00 Revision of the course, personal feedback to students, certificates and diplomas



Availability of ISPA Competent Crew courses 2024


Price per person:

Available places:

28.04.-05.05.2024 750€




















 *Optional Mrduja regatta participation (1 day)

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