Charter base ACI Pomer Pula

Our yacht charter base in region Istria and Kvarner is located in Pomer, only 10km away from old town of Pula. ACI Marina Pomer is located in the deepest part of Medulin bay, on the southern tip of the Istrian peninsula. You can charter our sailing boats or catamarans bareboat or with skipper.

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Virtual 360° tour to our fleet and office in ACI Marina Pomer

 ULTRA Sailing Fleet in Marina Pomer on PIER A

Adress: ACI Marina Pomer, Pomer 26A, 52100 Pomer


Phone: 00385 21 398 578

Technical Support: 00385 98 341 084


Opening hours:

Friday 14:00-20:00h & Saturday 08:00-20:00h & Sunday 08:00-12:00h

Check in: Saturday 17:00h

Check out: Saturday 09:00h


Marina facilities

•reception with an exchange office, ATM
•restaurant with swimming pool, grocery store, charter agency
•toilet and shower facilities with separate disabled provision, laundrette
•repair and maintenance shop, 30 t crane
•car park
•63A power sockets for larger vessels
•Wi-Fi internet access
• fuel station in Pješčana Uvala (11nm),  Pula (18 nm)
•„green island“ for selective waste collection
•fenced playground


About Pula

pula amfiteatar ultrasailingEven though Pula is famous for its Roman buildings and achieved its peak during that period, beginnings of Pula date back to Ilyrian times, and according to some historians, even before that, approx. three thousand years ago. Legend has it it was settled by Colchidian refugees who were after the golden fleece aboard boat Argo, kept by famous Argonauts. After they were unsuccessful, they were afraid to return home so they settled here.
But in the Roman Imperial period (1st – 3rd centuries) the greatest classical monuments in Croatia were built in Pula. The most magnificent and surely central classical monument is the Amphitheater popularly called the Arena. This Amphitheater, used for fights and battles of men and animals, was built in the 1st century AD, during the rule of Emperor Vespasian. In the 12th century Pula fell under Venice and would be part of it for the next few centuries. In the 19th century, began Pula's rise as the naval and boatbuilding hotspot. During 20th century under firstly Vienna, and then during German occupation, German became the main language, though Italian was still spoken on streets. The Croatian language almost fully disappeared. This was until 1947 when Pula was brought back to Croatia (Yugoslavia), where it belongs.


What to see and do in Pula

While you are waiting for your boat, we recommend you to visit following places:
•The amphitheater, famous Arena (if it's good enough for Sting, Joe Cocker…)
•Triumphal Arch of the Sergi
•Historical and maritime museum of Istria
•Forum and temple of Augustus
•Verudela art park
•Antiques and Art Fair in city center every Saturday morning
•Golf range Verudela
•Pula observatory
•Downtown Pula- summer music project in the heart of old town


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