"My husband and I just finished the basic sailing course. Although we had a medical urgency (not related to sailing!) and missed some practice we had lots of fun and learned a lot! Definitely want to come back next year."
Faye P. Germany
Beneteau 25, 02.-08.09.2017
"We had a lovely sailing trip from Trogir to the islands of Solta, Hvar, Brac and Vis. Well maintained boat and good advise / support offered if requested, even if you don't take a skipper. Thanks, keep up the good work!"
Jochen V. K.Belgium
Oceanis 45 "Stoncica", 9.9.-16.9.2017
"Cari Ljiljana, Enia, Zoran, Mark,

grazie per la bellissima settimana. E' stato un piacere - ed anche una fatica, ma bella - partecipare al corso di vela. Siete bravi, professionali e molto attenti alla sicurezza in mare, che è una cosa molto importante. Tutto perfetto, grazie.

Thank You Enia, we learned a lot in just a week, you're a very good teacher, and you're not too much "cattiva": just the correct amount !! Speed, speed, speed... Bear away!!!
Thank You Zoran, your theoretical lessons was clear, very well explained!
Thank You Mark, sometimes you've helped us to correct our errors without Enia has seen that...
Grazie Ljiljana, sempre precisa e veloce nel rispondere alle nostre mail

Grazie! Thank you! Hvala!

and see you all next year for advanced course.

Good wind to all of you

Mauro and Gabriella"
Mauro and Gabriella
First 31.7 "Be First" 13.05.-19.05.2017
"Ultra Sailing is always doing the best they can for me. I have been there for more than 10 years. the boat is good equiped. i come this summer too.
Geir M"
Geir M.Norway
Cyclades 43.4,"Greben", 15.10.-22.10.2016
"Thanks for an excellent week on Mala Luna! ⛵️ Well equipped and clean boat. Professional and service minded people during take off and landing at base. All in all a very positive experience. "Simplicity in one sentence""
Katarina F. Sweden
Oceanis 35, "Mala Luna", 17.09.-24.09.2016
"team, skipper, crew, boat, wind, sea and the STARS were great!!!
Thank you all for this wonderful course.
* Christine"
Christine W. Austria
First 31.7,"Be First", 16.09.-18.09.2016
"Dear Marija, Dear Tadija, Dear Michael, Dear Emil,

First of all Alexander and I would like to thank you and all your team for our great vacation. The boat was beautiful, well prepared and equipped. it was a real pleasure to sail.
Thank you for the preparation work and for your patient answers to my numerous questions.
THANKS for your advice about our rout, where to stay, where to eat - we used almost all your recomendations and each of them was "bingo"! And please, say hello to your guys who helped us with fuel and parking.
Thanks for your time and "excurtion" to our boat and to catamaran. We were really glad to see you!
That's a pity that we did not have chance to see you. We hope your sailing was as great and as pleasant as ours.

See you soon and have a great season,
Ekaterina and Alexander"
Ekaterina K.Russia
Oceanis 45 "Fresh Emotion" 10.09.-17.09.2016
"Enjoyed the week in the beginner's class! Learned a lot. Thanks to our instructors."
Jani S.
First 31.7 "Be First", 5.09.-10.09.2016
"Great Team, a lot of fun with Zoran "Zof"! Very good organisation of Marija and Tadija-thanks a lot! We are still on the run-staying in Luka Thia this night."
Markus P.
First 36.7, "Desire", 20.08.-10.09.2016
"Sensationell, hatte keine Ahnung, dass das Segeln so viel Spaß macht. Um es herauszufinden, haben wir (3 Erwachsene und 2 Kinder, 8 und 10 Jahre) halbtägigen Segelausflug gemacht. Mit Sonnencreme, Wasser und Vesper versorgt fuhren wir um 11:30 Uhr raus zum nächsten Strand um zu Baden. Als in einer Stunde Wind stärker wurde segelten wir raus. Nach kurzer Einführung, durften wir das Segelboot selbst steuern und bedienen - wie geil war das denn! Wir lernten immer mehr dazu und machten einen Manevar nach dem anderen. Die Wellen wurden geritten, geschnitten und gefolgt bis zum Schluß.Nebenbei erfuhren wir über Elementares zu den Segeltouren und Chartern. Alles zusammen hat uns in unserer Absicht, Segelurlaub zu machen, ermutigt und wir werden das zukünftig in Angriff nehmen. Zu unserem Skipper Ivan hatten wir guten Draht und könnten uns vorstellen mit ihm locker auch eine Woche auf dem Meer zu verbringen. Er war immer entspannt und hatte aber alles im Griff. Danke und hoffentlich bis Bald!"
Haris D.
First 31.7 "Be First", 20.08.2016
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