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Who can learn to sail?
Our beginner sailing classes are accessible to most people. Basically, if you can move and pay attention to explanations, you can learn to sail. The requirementsare that you are over 18 andwant to explore the passion for sailing!


Can teenagers or children attend a sailing course?

Our sailing classes are designed for adults. Attendants must be over 18 years old. Upon request, we can accept 15 year old youngstersor more, if they attend with one of their parents, and provided they are able to fully understand explanations in English. For this kind of requests we usually offer family courses which are suited to family needs.


Is it possible to sign up alone for sailing course?
Yes! You can book just 1 spot to join a sailing course alone. . Most of the participants are individuals signing up for a course. We match requests to constitute the group you will be sharing this learning experience with. Please note that it takes at least 2 confirmed attendants to make sure a course will actually take place.


Is it possible to book a sailing course for a group or family?

Of course, you can join any course with a group of friends or family provided enough spots are still available on the date you wish to book. Alternatively, you are very welcome to contact us for a custom date.


How long will it take to learn how to sail?
It depends on your individual abilities and investment. We recommend taking at least 2 sailing courses - Competent Crew and Day Skipper course – to have all the necessary knowledge and knowhow in order to continue building experience by yourself. We strive to teach you the art of sailing, technical equipment, weather forecast interpretation and good nautical behavior you need to safely start sailing with other skippers or on your own. Our range of progression courses is there to respond over the years to more specific needs, depending on your sailing project.


What kind of sailing licence is accepted when renting the boat in Croatia?

A list of valid skipper’s licences to rent a boat in Croatia is available on the official website of the Croatian Ministry of the sea https://mmpi.gov.hr/sea/6986 or directly on the PDF document here Our ISPA Day skipper certificate is valid to charter a sailing boat or Catamaran in Croatia


What kind of certificate Ultra sailing can provide you?
Ultra sailing school is a licenced ISPA Sailing school, and also ISPA’s representative in Europe. With your international ISPA Day skipper certificate, you can charter a sailing boat in Croatia and worldwide.

Does Ultra sailing organise exams for licenses valid to charter a boat in Croatia?
ISPA Day skipper certificate is a valid and recognized license to charter a sailing boat or a Catamaran in Croatia


What to wear in sailing school?
We always recommend to dress comfortably in sport outfits and bring a cap  sunglasses, gloves and non slippery white sole sport shoes… We provide sailing suits so you do not need to worry about that. In the summer, white clothes and sunscreen are a must have. for sailing in winter or spring time you should have spare warm clothes to wear under sailing suits and possibly waterproof sport shoes. In our blog you can find more information about how to pack for your sport sailing week in Croatia https://blog.ultra-sailing.hr/what-to-take-with-you-in-the-sailing-school/

Where can I find accommodation?
For our Competent Crew course, we do not provide accommodation on board. If you’re in doubt, we can always help you find a suitable accommodation. Some students enjoy to stay at a hotel, some in private accommodation, room, apartment, etc…, and Split has plenty of cool options to offer!


What is the difference between Competent Crew and Day Skipper program?
The Competent Crew program is held on a daily basis from Ultra sailing base in Split. After theoretical lessons in the morning, you will spend the afternoon sailing . For the Competent Crew course you will need to organise your own accommodation. The Day Skipper sailing course takes place on a bigger sailing boat (35ft-51ft) and offers accommodation onboard. Depending on that week’s weather conditions, you will be experiencing a variety of night locations (berthing and anchoring each night in another place).


Can I join the Day Skipper course?

To join the Day Skipper course, you should hold a Competent Crew certificate from ISPA or from an equivalent program.

How can I keep sailing after the course?
Well, the more you sail, the more self-confidence you get. Experience is key to become a good sailor, so we encourage you to keep sailing after you have finished one of our courses. If you feel confident about your sailing skills and you pass the Day skipper course, you can charter a bareboat boat from us. If you don’t feel 100% confident after the Competent Crew and Day Skipper course, we recommend attending one more day skipper course, join us on a regatta in Croatia, or rent a boat with skipper to practice some more under supervision.


What kind of sailing school for kids can be offered in Croatia?

Local kids in Croatia are joining sailing clubs and sail in optimist classes the whole season. Some sailing clubs open their doors during the summertime and organize summer courses for kids in optimist classes for very symbolic prices. They usually sail a few hours per day and sailing instructors are not in charge after and before the course. As sailing clubs have their own rules, Ultra sailing cannot help with any of their kids program. Our advice is to contact local sailing clubs directly.


Can I join regatta?
We organize regatta sailing but only  those sailors who finished one of our sailing courses or who can justify enough previous experience can join us on a regatta.


Do you recommend any sailing literature …?
We recommend our founder’s sailing book “Nautical skills”, which is the reference in Croatia. It comes as a complimentary gift to our Day Skipper students. The book is available in English and Croatian versions also it can be ordered extra even if you will not attend one of our sailing courses. Also, ISPA provides Online sailing education, some of the modules are accessible for free:International Sail and Power Academy | ISPA


Keep sailing, keep smiling!
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